August 8, 2013

Bright and Happy Baby Naming

Most people know that in Judaism a baby boy is welcomed with a bris in which the little man is circumcised and officially welcomed as a Jew.  When a baby girl arrives, though, there is a far less bloody event during which the little lady is introduced with both her English and Hebrew names, the parents speak briefly as to why those names were chosen (traditionally the child has been named after a significant family member or friend who has passed away), and the little lady is officially welcomed as a Jew.
I had actually never been to one before, but this past weekend we attended one for my friend's daughter, Esther.  It was such a beautiful ceremony, especially as her parents recounted fond memories of the two people who were Esther's namesakes (her grandmother Esther for the first name (obviously) and an uncle for the middle name) and shared what traits they hoped their little girl would one day have.
Typically these things are held at the temple, but there was some sort of conflict with the date or amount of people coming or something that at the last minute the location had to be changed to a local hotel.  And when it was changed at the last minute, my friend contacted me and asked me to do some decorating for her.  Obviously, I was stoked!
She mentioned that baby Esther's dress was going to be pink, orange, and yellow, and I pretty much ran with that.  I took awful pictures and borrowed a couple from my client's mom to give you a better picture, but hopefully you'll get the idea!
There were eight tables, so I designed two separate centerpieces and used them on alternating tables.

There were also a series of kids tables for the 40 (!) in attendance, so there I decided to do some sand buckets with pinwheels.  The hotel in which the event was held was located on the beach, so the sand seemed appropriate.

And finally, I jazzed the cake table up a bit with some glitter vases and flowers.
Overall, it was just enough to add a little something special to this very special lady's day.  And considering I only had 45 minutes to set it all up, I am pleased with the results!

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