May 10, 2013

What I Want for Mother's Day

Every relationship has its roles.  In Josh and mine, one of our clearest is that I am the party planner/occasion coordinator, while Josh usually just shows up for the festivities.  It works well...except for two days a year: my birthday and Mother's Day.  On those days, I try very hard to relinquish control, but keep my fingers crossed that my husband will come through with a day that will make me feel special, loved, and appreciated.

I'm really not that hard to please, though.  Honestly, I really don't need/want much.  In fact, I am being 1000% genuine when I say that I really don't even need/want a gift...I buy myself plenty throughout the year. Instead I have some very simple wishes for Mother's Day.

I want to be allowed to sleep in/lay in bed until whatever time I choose, not whatever time Josh gets frustrated with the kiddos and decides to let them back/come ask if I want to go get breakfast.
I want to shower, get dressed, and even use the bathroom (gasp!) all by myself...without even hearing "mommy" being yelled through the door.
Speaking of breakfast, I'd love to do a nice family brunch (maybe with a mimosa?!?), but I don't want to pick up anything Levi throws on the floor or have to entertain either child while we are there.
I'd be elated if I could get a quiet house to myself for a half hour or so to relax after that mimosa.
I don't want to wipe a single hiney all day (except for mine obviously).

And if I'm really getting lucky, I would love to not hear any whining/fighting all day.  Likely? Probably not, but one can wish, huh?!?

Really, though, my kids and my husband are certainly my proudest accomplishments and people that I work very hard to please all year.  Mother's Day (and Father's Day for that matter) have become two of my favorite holidays as we take the time to honor this very significant part of our lives.  I'm sure it will be a fantastic day (but does anyone want to do me a solid and pass this along to Josh somehow?!?).

Happy Mother's Day all...hope your day is everything you hope it will be!

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  1. I'm on it...just pass the same info onto drew :-) happy mother's day!


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