April 19, 2013

This is Me: Home Life

I'm plugging away at the This is Me challenge, answering about a bajillion questions about myself, and it's time for another installment.  Actually, I skipped a whole chapter: religion because all of the questions had to do with stuff we Jews don't actually do/believe/etc.  So now I'm on to home life.  Let's begin, shall we?
Describe the places you've lived.
I've lived in Virginia Beach my whole life, except for my college years and the first years of Josh and my relationship (although those were in Chesapeake which is right over the Virginia Beach line!)
I was born in a townhouse that I barely remember.  When I was about 4, we moved into a house my parents had built (well, they didn't actually build it, but it was built for us).  I don't remember more than the fact that it was two stories and white.  When I was in Kindergarten, we moved into the house that I grew up in.  It was a one story house with four bedrooms, 3 baths, plus a playroom, dining room, kitchen, and living room.
When I went away to college, I lived in the dorm my first year.  My second year I got a house with five other girls.  And in my last two years, I lived in a two-bedroom apartment with a roommate (with two other friends across the hall in another two-bedroom apartment).
Post-college, I had a brief stint in an awful one-bedroom apartment in Charlottesville.  There was a common area kitchen and living room that I technically shared with three other people...BUT I DIDN'T KNOW, NOR EVER MEET, THE THREE OTHER PEOPLE.  It was awful!  When I left Charlottesville, I moved back in with my parents for about a year (although Josh claims I lived with him and his roommate for most of that time!), and then Josh and I got our first apartment together...
It was a two-bedroom, two-bath "luxury" (I use that word very loosely...they called it luxury, but I would politely disagree) apartment in Greenbrier.  Josh and I bought our little townhouse right before we got married...a 2 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath about 2 minutes away from our apartment.  And finally, we moved into our current house right before Colton was born, about 3 years ago.  We went from 1200ish square feet to 2500ish square feet overnight and felt like we had sooo much room...now, we are already tentatively thinking about moving again in a couple years because we are already out of space!!!
What was your favorite house or apartment?
I honestly don't think I can choose!  Obviously the house that I grew up in was home, so it holds a special place in my heart.  I loved the little apartment Josh and I first lived in together, but honestly I don't think it had much to do with the actual apartment...we had so much fun there, I loved living with him (it was my first live with a boyfriend experience), and life was just good.  And obviously, I have a special fondness for our current house...the house we are raising our family in.  This house has a lot of features that make me really happy...our screened-in porch and the kitchen especially.  Plus, we are making so many memories here that I'm sure I will cherish for years and years to come...like bringing both boys home, countless birthday parties, Christamses, etc.

How do you like to decorate?
I think I would describe my style as a combination of beachy, modern, comfortable, and light.  I don't usually like "expensive" art work, so instead I like to have things that are meaningful on the walls or things that are homemade!
What is it about home that you love?
I already mentioned my kitchen and screened-in porch as the two places in this house that I love most. But I love this home because it is comfortable, and secure, and happy.  The boys have both been born and raised in this house.  We play a lot here, and hear lots of laughter here, and I will always love this house for that!
How has your standard for life changed throughout the years?
Honestly, Josh and I lived outside our means for awhile, so I don't know if our standard has changed all that much!  Now, we can actually afford what we are buying, though!

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