April 18, 2013

Growing Wheatgrass

A couple of weeks ago I showed you our spring mantel.  At the time, my homegrown wheat grass was looking kind of iffy, and I was pretty discouraged that once again my black thumb had managed to botch another planting project.  But turns out those babies just needed a bit more time.  I am happy to report that our wheat grass now looks like this...

Even after a 4-6 inch hair cut a couple of days ago!  I think we can all agree that we officially have wheat grass success!  I love the splash of freshness it brings to our mantel and growing it was super easy.
First thing you need to do is round up your supplies:

  • wheat grass seeds (I bought mine online, but I hear they can be found at pretty much any health foods store)
  • containers that are at least 4-5 inches deep...mine are actually mugs from the Dollar Tree
  • soil...I used Scott's Moisture Control Potting Soil
  • water
First step is to put about 4 inches of soil down in your container.  Next put a good layer of seeds on top.  You want to make sure you completely cover the soil, but try not to have the seeds overlap.
Next you want to give the seeds a really good watering and then put them in a dark place.
From that point forward, just keep them in that dark place and make sure the seeds stay wet.  I watered mine about 2 or 3 times a day.  
After about 2 days, the seeds started to sprout. 
Once they got to be about an inch tall, on about day 5, I moved them out of the darkness and on to the mantel.  I had read it would take about 10 days for them to grow fully.  This is what mine looked like after 10 days...judge for yourself if you consider that fully (for the record, I don't!)
But they slowly kept growing and thickening, and after a couple weeks it dawned on me that I had legitimate wheat grass!  And I promise that if I can have success growing this stuff, anyone can!  And the possibilities of what to do with it are endless!  


  1. It looks cool! I didn't see the pic of what it looks like now, though.

    1. Thanks for always keeping me on track Jenn!


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