April 22, 2013

Sharing is Dead?!?

A Facebook friend recently posted an article that really left me concerned and aggravated!  You will have to excuse me as I do a bit of Monday morning ranting.
 It was entitled "Why I'm Teaching my Kids NOT to Share." You can read it here if you want, but basically the author uses two examples of incidents in which the children involved should not have had to share.
One was a little boy bringing his special toy to a public park.  OK, I definitely do not encourage my boys to ask to play with complete strangers' toys at public places, but it seems to be an inevitable part of having a bunch of kids in a place.  Most parents seem to be on board with the common courtesy and the "no, no, of course he/she will share."  I get that the little boy in her story doesn't want to share his special toy, but if it was so special, then maybe he should he have not been allowed to bring it to the park?!?
We have a policy in our household that if you don't want to share something, you don't bring it with you!  Same even goes for special toys in the boys' rooms (well mainly Colton's since he's the only one who gets this type of thing yet)...if he doesn't want to share it with Levi, he has to play with it in his room.  If he brings it out to the living room, play room, outside, etc, it's fair game for anyone and everyone!
As annoying as I found the first example story, the second story really got my blood boiling!  Here, the author cited the example of her son at a public event with a bunch of ride-on cars of some sort.  She says that her son has one he really likes and looks forward to riding whenever he goes there.  So, naturally, he gets on it and spends the entire two hours, or whatever, riding the car.  Mom was annoyed because other parents kept insinuating that their child should also get a turn on the car.
 And this is where I had my WTF moment!  Because, honestly, how can a grown woman not realize that maybe other kids at the place had also looked forward to riding that same car and that, of course, her son should have to share a public toy.
Really, y'all, for the most part I don't really believe in taking a stance on parenting issues.  Of course, I have my opinions, but I also firmly believe that we all do what we believe is best for our children.  And I'm sure there are things that I do in raising my children that others raise their eyebrows at.  But I kind of thought teaching your children to share was pretty much a universally accepted and fundamental lesson of childhood.  Right?  Wrong?
 Of course that mindset has probably existed for years, but I shudder to think that my boys will one day share a classroom with children who have been raised so selfishly.
And now I will step down from my soap box and leave you with a much happier story of actual sharing!  Levi and Colton have developed a new after nap routine.  Levi sneaks into our pantry, steals some fruit snacks out of it, brings them to Colton in his bed, and then they proceed to share the bag.  So sneaky, but so darn cute!

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