April 29, 2013

Out of the Shadows

Our big cleaning project for the month of April was tackling all of the closets...decluttering, rearranging, donating, etc.  In dealing with the beast that is our laundry room closet/dumping ground, I came across an old shadowbox I had made with some of our wedding stuff.  Inside was one of our programs (that I had DIY'd all those years ago!), a yarmulke engraved with our names and wedding date that were available for guests, a bag my mom had made for us that stores the pieces of the glass Josh broke as he stomped on it (per Jewish wedding tradition), and a photo of us cutting our cake.   Unfortunately, though, it looked like this

You may not be able to tell, but it was dusty, and disorganized, and the ugly silverish color of the frame made me seriously question why I had bought the stupid thing in the first place!  But I decided it was nothing a little makeover couldn't fix.  First, I spray painted the frame white so it would be a little crisper.And then I lined the inside with some craft paper style wrapping paper I found at Target.  And finally I rearranged the items and got them all back in there, this time using my trusty glue gun to keep them in place!  And now we have a shadowbox that doesn't have to hide in the shadows (corny!!!).
Aside from one framed wedding portrait in our bedroom, Josh and I didn't have any wedding mementos on display in our house.  But now that this little box is hanging out in our dining room, it's fun to glance at it and be taken back to that day!  Plus, the colors look pretty good in the dining room!

What about you all?  Do you have wedding goodies on display?  Or do you prefer to keep them stored away?

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