April 30, 2013

A Few of My Favorite Things (at least for now)

Nothing excites me more than discovering something new!  Honestly, I get positively giddy when I find a new food, product, restaurant, whatever!  Lately, I've had a bit of luck and today is your lucky day...because I'm going to pass them on to you!  Here we go with my current favorite things:
1.  Essie Nail Polish: In an effort to grow my fingernails out to an adult-appropriate length, I've tried keeping my nails painted on the regular.  It's actually helped immensely, and in doing so, I've discovered some really fun new colors.  Where I used to pretty much stick to bold pinks and reds, I've ventured out to other colors and have found Essie to be my new go-to brand with their more muted colors.  These are my current two favorites (cause I couldn't pick just one!):
Mint Candy Apple
Go Ginza
2.  Breyer's Loaded Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream.  Chocolate+peanut butter is my absolute favorite combination.  But when it comes to chocolate peanut butter ice cream, I'm picky!  It has to be a chocolate base with streaks of peanut butter (preferably lots of them!) to rank high in my world.  Well, Breyer's is now on my approved list!  And actually, they easily rate #1 considering this chocolate peanut butter has little chunks of Reese's cups in addition to the peanut butter streaks.  AND the base is technically frozen yogurt which means this stuff is only about 140 calories for 1/2 cup (which is considerably less than other chocolate peanut butter ice creams I love!).  Obsessed may not even be the word; I look forward to my 1/2 cup of this stuff all darn day and may even be really sad when it's done...
3.  veryjane.com.  A friend introduced me to this website, and my mornings have forever been changed!  Basically, the site sends out an email each morning featuring killer deals on things like accessories, clothing, party supplies, home decor, and even kids' clothing/accessories.  I know there's lots of sites that do something similar, but the stuff here is not only trendy, but also crazy affordable...as in I have yet to spend over $10 (including shipping) on a single item!  For example, check out this necklace I ordered today...for $9.88, including shipping!!!
So there you have it friends.  You're welcome:)

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