June 11, 2012

Harborfest/OpSail 2012

This weekend, OpSail invaded the waters of Norfolk/Virginia Beach.  Now, I don't know as much about this event as I probably should so please don't take any of this as official information, but from what I've gathered OpSail is a big ole celebration showcasing a bunch of really big sailing ships from all over the world.  Simple enough, right?  The result was a weekend-long celebration of live music, fireworks, etc.
Luckily, we did OpSail in our own little way and actually avoided the annoyance of the crowds for the most part.  On Thursday night, we hopped on my dad's boat and cruised out to the waters of the Chesapeake Bay where all the boats were docked for the night before they would commence the official parade the next morning.  Just about every boater in Virginia Beach had the same idea, but it was still really cool to cruise right up to the boats and check them out.  Plus, it was a really nice night to be out on the water and was a good opportunity to give the boys their first boat rides of the summer:)

We didn't do anything Harborfest (that's the annual event title each year...I think OpSail is a separate event that just happened to be the same weekend as Harborfest this year making it a massive event!) Friday night, but Saturday night was the night of the big fireworks display.  Each year, they bill it as one of the best on the East Coast and the crowds fill in accordingly.  We really didn't want to deal with the masses, so instead we went over to my brother's house for a cookout and then walked from his house to a park that was on the water from which we could still see the fireworks (quite well actually), but was not technically part of Harborfest.  Colton was quite captivated by the "boom booms," and Levi handled them really well especially considering they woke him up from his little snooze.

And finally on Sunday, we decided to actually head down and check out the official Harborfest/OpSail events.  We walked around, saw some boats, and Colton got to ride on the choo-choo (clearly the highlight of his stay!).  

Like Josh and I said on the way home, we can officially check Harborfest/OpSail off our list now...we came, we saw, we conquered.  Hope you all had a good weekend too:)

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