June 7, 2012

A Day in the Life

A year ago, I was a hard-working first grade teacher.  I had one child and was pregnant (newly) with my second.  I would wake up at 6 each morning, feed Colton some breakfast, make the 30 minute commute into Norfolk to drop him off at his babysitter's house where he would spend the next 8 hours or so while I was with the first graders.  At the end of the day, I would rush over there to pick him back up.  We would get home, play for a bit, eat dinner once Josh got here, give him a bath, and then go to bed and start the whole thing over the next day.  There were parts of that life that I loved and parts that made me miserable...and I always wondered what my life would be like if I was a stay-at-home mom.
When I quit teaching, I honestly wasn't sure if I was going to regret the decision or not.  As much as I missed having time with Colton during the week, I also knew that staying home with him full-time may be painful in a different way!  Plus, I figured the addition of another child to care for would definitely add more stress...maybe more than I could handle?!?
Well, here I am...a stay-at-home mom raising two wonderful boys. 

I can certainly say I don't regret my decision, but I can also certainly say that this life isn't one constant vacation or anything.  
For those of you who may be facing a similar decision, or for other stay-at-home moms who want to compare (I love to do that anyway!), or if you're just curious how we do things over here, here's a look at life in our house:
4:30AM or so: Levi wakes up (I cringe!), feed him, and go back to bed
7:15 : Colton wakes up...sometimes he is up earlier than that, but he has to wait until his clock turns green at 7:15 to come out (seriously, that clock has been a lifesaver...before that thing, he was coming out as early as 5:30!)...Colton watches some Mickey Mouse on the couch
7:30: Levi is up for the morning, get him out play with him
8: start getting ready for the day...make breakfast for me and Colton, get everybody dressed, load up our bag for the day's outings
9: leave the house...go to the gym (the boys spend the time in the babysitting room...they LOVE it in there...well at least Colton does, the verdict's still out on Levi!)..the nice ladies in there usually feed Levi a bottle for me or I do it before we leave there
10:30: done with the gym, off to do something
*Mondays are usually errands days, Fridays are usually something fun for the kiddos, and Wednesdays I try to strike a balance between the two
*Tuesdays and Thursdays Colton is in school (well at least through this week!), so Levi and I hang out at the house and get stuff done
12: feed Levi some fruit...we try to be home in time for this...when he's done, I make Colton some lunch
After lunch: play time...inside or out depending on the weather
1:30: Levi bottle
2: put both boys down for their naps, read to each of them first
2-4ish: NAPS!!! Sweet, glorious naps:)  My favorite part of the day...get stuff done (quietly!), catch up on the DVR, watch some "Ellen," etc....I try to allow myself to work for an hour (cleaning, crafts, my "projects") and relax for an hour (tv, Facebook, Pinterest, blogs)
4:30: Levi bottle, Colton either plays or watches some tv
5ish: start getting dinner ready
6ish: Josh gets home, Levi eats vegetable (Josh does it once a week...I do it the rest), and then we all sit down to eat dinner
After dinner: boys' baths, Josh does dishes
7PM: "Sesame Street"...Colton LOVES him some Sesame
7:30: Levi bottle
8: bed time for both boys...brush teeth (well, Colton), read, kiss them good night
8-10: RELAX!!!  TV, Internet, Josh/Michelle time
10: wake up Levi for another bottle 
After Levi's bottle: bed for us as well, crossing our fingers he will actually sleep through the night again!

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