June 6, 2012

Levi: 5 Months!

I know it's cliche, and I think I've said it each month, but seriously, I can not believe my little baby is already 5 months old!!!  For all you math whizzes out there, that's only 1 month away from 6 months...a whole half year of his life (and the point at which I can officially start thinking about his first birthday party...I had to impose that limit on myself!)!
Levi's little personality is starting to come out.  He smiles, and giggles, and coos.  One of his favorite games is to be tossed into the air...that most definitely gets us a big belly laugh!  Levi has discovered his toes and is super-adorable as he sucks on them.  He loves his brothers and most definitely knows who his mom and dad are.  Aside from the pesky not sleeping through the night thing, Levi really is a fantastic baby...he is easy, and happy, and pretty darn cute (if I don't say so myself!).

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