May 8, 2012

Teacher Appreciation

For those of you who may not be aware, this week is Teacher Appreciation Week.  As a former teacher and someone who has several good friends/family members that are teachers, I have always known the importance of taking some time to let those teachers know how much their hard work is appreciated.  But now that I am the parent of a school-going tot, I must admit I feel even more appreciative of the teachers in my child's life.  While Colton only goes to school for only seven hours or so a week, his teachers have given him a very positive first school experience.  They have helped to bring him out of his shell (one that we sometimes wish he would crawl back into some what!), taught him academic and social lessons, and make him feel special.  I obviously think Colton is an amazing kid, but they seem to think so too...what more could I ask for?
So with Teacher Appreciation Week in full effect I wanted to make sure we did something to show our appreciation.  As usual, though, I didn't necessarily want to spend a whole ton on something, especially considering Colton has 4 teachers we needed to take care of!  This is what I came up with:
In case you can't tell, I took a 4 inch vase (that I got on sale from AC Moore for $2.50 each!) and hot glued on crayons all the way around.  Here it is as I was working on it to give you a better visual:
I figured it could obviously be used as a vase or even as a pencil holder (or anything holder) on a desk or even just for decoration.  I thought they were certainly cute on their own:
But I wanted to add a little something more to the gift, so I filled each one with a fun, cute bag.  The boys and I baked up some chocolate chip cookies, filled the bags up, and voila...
Simple, affordable, and hopefully an appropriate acknowledgement of our appreciation for all they have done for our sweet boy this year.  What do you all think?  Any other good teacher appreciation gifts out there?


  1. I only knew it was Teacher Appreciation week cuz I saw it online.
    Shows how much I'm getting appreciated at work, doesnt it? :p


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