May 7, 2012

Slim Pickins

If you're not from Virginia Beach, you may not realize that while the city is most commonly associated with the miles and miles of beaches, the Southernmost portions of the city are actually dominated by farmland.  The area, affectionately known as Pungo, is almost like a separate town within the resort city, and an area I don't frequent often.  In fact, I would guess most Virginia Beach residents don't (except people like my sister's boyfriend who LOVE this area and call it home) until springtime rolls around.  In the spring, Pungo's farmlands are filled with strawberries and the two lane road that leads in and out of the area are actually congested with eager pickers.
This past Saturday, the boys and I (and their Gigi (my sister)) loaded up the car and made the 20 minute trek and joined the strawberry picking.  In all the years I have lived here, I have actually never gone strawberry picking!!!  But a friend of mine had organized a group outing, including a picnic beforehand, and considering both of those items were on my spring to-do list, this was the perfect opportunity for all of us to take pick our first berries.
It was a pretty hot and sunny day, so Levi and Gigi hung out in the shade (on a side note Levi seems to have unfortunately gotten Josh's pale skin tone, something his olive-skinned mom does not quite know how to handle!), while Colton and I braved the mud and went out in the fields.  I think Colton was still in Easter egg mode because he seemed to think the intent was just to pick anything and everything he found.  He would get very excited whenever he spotted a berry and would eagerly snatch it to put in his basket.  And in typical 2 year-old fashion, he refused to let mom help out and would toss out any berries I tried to pick for us.  The fun, but quick experience resulted in a less than full basket and even fewer berries that were actually edible (in fact, the lady didn't even charge us for our finds!), but I'm glad we did it!

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  1. That was super nice of her not to charge you guys! Looks like it was a great time! :)


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