December 28, 2011

DIY Playroom Reveal (FINALLY!!!)

I last posted about our playroom on July 14th.  At the time, I was hoping to be able to share with you all the reveal of the playroom in the next few days...well, clearly days turned into weeks and months, and here we are.  But guess what?!?  We finally have a fully functional, fully decorated playroom.

Along the way there were some changes that took place.  For one, our desk had to be included in the playroom's plans once we found out we were having Baby #2, and therefore that Colton would take over what used to be the office.  I would love to score a more stylish/fun chair for it one day and hopefully even a smaller desk, but that will have to wait a bit due to some budget constraints!  In that same vein, I had really hoped to find a good sleeper sofa for the space (our guest bedroom also disappeared when Colton took over that former space), but due to budget again, we settled for a hand-me-down from Josh's parents for now.  Again, one day that will hopefully be upgraded.
Despite the two aforementioned issues, I am pretty happy with how the room turned out...and what we spent on it (I'll do my best to provide you with a budget breakdown below).  The best part is that Colton LOVES the room...he is so much happier spending his free time down there with all of his toys at an arm's reach.  He barely notices if I'm even in the room with him, which is really nice for me to be able to sneak away and tackle something quickly, sit at the desk and conquer a craft project (especially since all of my supplies are conveniently stored in the room as well), or even just sit on the couch and relax for a bit!  With the colder weather and his brother arriving, I am very glad we got this room done in time!
the craft storage
And now for the promised source/budget list.  Although, please note that because most of the projects were DIY, the price on them are estimates.

  • Wall color: Behr Elephant Gray (FREE...painted when we first moved in)
  • ABC decal: Etsy shop $50
  • chalkboard/magnet wall: $10 (already owned the chalkboard paint, so had to purchase magnetic paint to mix with it)
  • clothesline art display: DIY (tutorial): $5
  • Storage: IKEA, but free to this project because we took it from Colton's nursery
  • Play table: IKEA, but again free to us because it was a gift from Colton's Aunt Genna last Hanukkah
  • Beanbag chairs: Target, $30
  • Play Mirror: DIY (tutorial): $10
  • Cork map: $15
  • Thumbtack Balls: DIY (tutorial): $15
  • Bookcase: already owned
  • Toy Box: hand-me-down and painted orange: $4 for spray paint
  • Couch: hand-me-down
  • Family Rules Sign: DIY (tutorial): $45
  • Curtains: already owned, but tie-dyed: $5
  • ottomans: Target, $20
  • Desk: had forever!
  • Handprint art: DIY (tutorial): $10
  • Mail Sorters: DIY from long ago (tutorial)
  • Closet organization: DIY (tutorial): FREE!
  • Crapload of toys: acquired from 1 1/2 years+ of being totally spoiled rotten
GRAND TOTAL:  approximately $220

Not bad for a whole room, huh?  

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