January 4, 2011

You've Gotta Fight...For Your Right...To Par-ty!

Now that the holiday season is over, I can officially start turning my sights to the biggest event of the year: Colton's first birthday party!  Who am I kidding?  I have been planning Colton's first birthday party ever since he was born March 26th, and maybe even before that.  What can I say...I love a party, especially ones for such happy occasions.  Colton has brought us and many around us so much joy over the year of his life, and this is our chance to celebrate the blessing we have been given.  Over the next few months, there will no doubt be countless birthday party posts (become a follower so you don't miss any!), but today let's kick this party off (sorry I couldn't resist) with the starting point of any party: the theme.
I am not usually a fan of theme parties, but I feel like a first birthday party has to have a theme of some sort.  Therefore, I wanted something a little understated (no Elmo plates everywhere for me).  I also tend to lean more towards edgey than cutesy, and more towards modern than traditional.  I also wanted something decidedly BOY and something that seemed to truly represent our little man (at one point, Josh had suggested a rock star party for baby boy, which would totally be cute, but without the slightest musical gene present on either side of the family, it just didn't seem to "fit"). 
Many months ago, I came across this Mr. Man party on Hostess with Mostess.  Colton has always been our "little man," with people commenting (pretty much since the day he was born) at how much he truly looks like a mini man.  So...that's the answer...Colton will have a Little Man party, inspired not only by the party above, but by countless other images I have collected (what did people do before internet, by the way?).  Like I have said, much more is on the way, but here are some of my inspiration images so far:


  1. Where do you get those cupcake toppers?! Must have them for mine!! I have til may to plan, but I wont lie the ideas have been bouncing around in my head already :)

  2. I am not quite sure. I was thinking about just DIYing them. I'll let you know if I track them down though

  3. Hey Michelle! I would be more than happy to make the cupcake toppers for you, if you want!

  4. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE for you to do them. Just tell me what you need:). Thanks

  5. YAY! All I need is a picture of that cute litle face. It won't take long to do so you can wait till you find the right picture. If you can send maybe a few pictures actually, that would be great! I ill make them and e-mail them to you so you can print them


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