November 18, 2010

Tukery Thursday Part 3: The Prep

With one week to go until official Turkey Day, prepping and planning has hit turbo pace around here. Most years I dilligently make all appetizers, dishes, sides, and desserts myself, but with a baby on board, I have learned that this massive undertaking is no longer realistic. Therefore, this year, as each person RSVPd to our Thanksgiving feast, I also asked them which item they would like to be responsible for bringing. I decided, then, that I would make whatever is left. On top of preparing our Thanksgiving Day dishes, I also (gladly, by the way) have the task of decorating our Thanksgiving table, setting up our giving thanks acitivity (more on that later), and buying all of our supplies. I have already told you of my love for lists, so naturally, that means that the bulk of my Thanksgiving planning revolves around a faithful list. So, here it is, my week-long Thanksgiving prepping schedule:
This week:
  • buy candles
  • assign platters, check for what needed
  • look into fried turkey/order


  • Pier 1: runner, napkin rings, placemats/tablecloth, bowl, platters
  • Target: whatever is left from above, Tupperware (to send home with our guests)
  • Michaels: scrapbook paper, solutions from whatever is left from above


  • Mashed Potatoes

Next Week:

  • prep give thanks project


  • set table
  • Pumpkin Cheesecake
  • Pecan Pie
  • Deviled Eggs


  • AM: turkey, stuffing, prep apple pie
  • PM: cranberries, corn, brie, baked cream cheese

So, there it is...I share this with you, not to further progress your ideas about my OCD, but because any search I have ever done online for Thanksgiving schedules never suits me....maybe this one will help you? Or maybe not? Do you use a list or just start conquering?

Comment away...

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