September 10, 2010

FOLLOW ME!!! (please)

I am definitely new to this blogging world, and would thus far, consider this much more of a hobby than anything else. One thing I have learned, though, is that cool in blog world = having more followers. My measly one (thanks G) is pretty pathetic. Now, I wish I could make this like something I do for my first graders and promise each of you a special treat if you are so kind as to follow me, but, alas, I'm a teacher; I don't make that much money. So....all I can do is beg...and promise you some mildly (hopefully!) entertaining posts about once a day. So ***enter gratutitous begging*** PLEASE FOLLOW ME (and tell your friends and friends' friends to follow me...hell even make up people to follow me; I don't care!). And if you really want to, you can even follow the other blog, Colton's Corner, for fun stuff like this each day:

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