September 13, 2010

Hot New Wheels

With Josh at home watching Colton for a bit so I could get in our weekly Target run this past weekend, I decided to take a little sneak visit to TJ Maxx. And thank G-D, I did...because right at the entrance beckoning to me was this beauty

The best part? This usually $200+ stroller was only $80. Obviously it came home with me.
For those of you as unfamiliar with strollers as I was a mere 6 months ago, Colton has been cruising around town in his "travel system" stroller since the day he was born. It has been great, especially at the beginning when poor baboo was too little to actually sit up, and even better for when he falls asleep in the car and we want to keep it that way...pop the car seat in the stroller and we're off. But that stroller is pretty freaking heavy...not heavy like you can't pick it out of the car, but heavy like you kindof begrudge having to do it.
This beauty, then, is the perfect addition to our stroller ensemble, mainly becuase it weighs less than five pounds and can be pulled out, popped up, and used with just one hand...a necessity as little baby Colton currently occupies my other hand 99% of the time. Colton and I have already taken it on a test run, and let me tell you, this thing is the Lexus of strollers. It is smooth, it is easy, it is light...Colton and I are in love.
I seriously might celebrate this TJ victory for a few weeks; I am that excited! Anyone else have some luck this weekend? Or at TJ in general (my mother swears by the 5 days a week, swears)?

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