September 14, 2010

Documenting Baboo

Long before Colton actually arrived, I had given much thought as to the fashion with which I wanted to document his baby days for eternity. I knew these days would be short-lived and go by in a blur, but honestly, I didn't quite realize just how quickly they would go and how much my sweet baboo would change in such a short time. That being said, there are some decisions I made that I am happy with and some that I wish I had/wish I hadn't. Here's a quick breakdown of my do's/don'ts in case you are lucky enough to still have those amazing newborn days ahead of you:
1. Colton's blog. By far, my best documenting decision. Not only has it provided far away relatives with a way to "see" baby boy, it has also forced me to journal his happenings and capture a picture daily. While this is fun to look at already, I am really excited at the prospect of turning it into a coffee table book to have forever.
2. In addition to Colton's blog, I also take Colton's picture each month in the same chair (his dad's recliner). My inspiration was this, but unfortunately, her chair is much prettier than Josh's eyesore of a recliner. As a result, my pictures have a kindof blah feeling to them. See?
If I had it to do over again (which maybe I will one day), I would certainly do the monthly picture thing, but I think I would put baboo on his fuzzy, white rug (much prettier) next to some sort of oversized stuffed animal. I would also keep his outfit consistent each month, probably a simple onesie, so as to better capture his growth.
3. In the weeks before Colton's impending arrival, I oohed and aahed over newborn portraits daily. Set to music on talented photographers' sites, there was nothing that made me more excited to meet my baby boy. Unfortunately, my husband can be an el cheapo and absolutely scoffed at the notion of paying someone a few hundred dollars to take pictures of our baby boy. Luckily, I happen to have a super-talented cousin who was willing to take pictures for us, though, and seriously, those pictures are worth any amount of money. We have a couple posted in the hallways of our house, and I still smile each time I see one.
4. Finally, my major regret: I didn't get some record of Colton's tiny baby hands and feet. Honestly, I kindof thought they would stay pretty small for a pretty long time, and while they obviously are not adult-sized yet, they are sooo much bigger than they were. In fact, his hands and feet are the clearest evidence of growth I see in baboo. Next baby will definitely have to get some handprints and footprints on some pretty paper that we can frame forever.
So, you live, you learn, and hopefully you have another baby so you can do it all over again. How about you guys? Seen any other great ways to document baby? Please share ideas...I am always looking for more projects to take on!

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  1. I didn't get any "new" newborn pics of jr and I hate that I didnt! I am already planning this go round and want to have Jr in some of the pics with new baby James but I super duper regret not getting the precious little tiny weenie baby pics.. Thats my worst regret. I am about to try some family pictures which we have NEVER done so that will be fun :) I guess I should have said who this is... Melissa


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