November 12, 2015

Thankful Again

In an effort to get our house a little bit more Thanksgiving ready, I wanted to add a banner of some sort to our mantle. I knew I wanted it to say "thankful" (because, well, that is what Thanksgiving is all about), but I went back and forth as to how I wanted to pull it off. Our mantle this year is a bit more natural than in the past, so I wanted this banner to add a bit of sparkle that was missing. I think mission accomplished:
Making it was so incredibly easy. I scooped up some wooden letters from Michaels along with some pretty Martha Stewart gold glitter. I bought the big bottle, but needed way less than I thought I would, so keep that in mind since there are way more color options in the small bottles! I applied a thin coat of mod podge on the wood using a foam brush. Then, I sprinkled the glitter on, spread it around with another foam brush. By the time I was done with all the letters, they were dry enough to apply one more thin coat of mod podge to seal the glitter in. I hot glued the letters to some twine I had on hand and voila...
Seriously the whole crafting process took about 10 minutes! And I just love the bit of fun it adds to the room (plus it has proven to be a great way for Levi to practice identifying the letters of the alphabet!).

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