October 3, 2015

My Boys

These are my favorite posts to write, mainly because I know one day I will love going back to read them. In the past year and a half, my boys have done a lot of growing up. They both have such distinct personalities.
Colton is in Kindergarten now, a fact I can hardly believe! Academically, he has always had a lot of success and school continues to come very easy to him.  Colton continues to be a really shy kid. Part of it is that he is just pretty content by himself...and especially with an iPad or his Wii (both of which we have to work to limit for him). But I often worry about how he is doing socially.He can be really fun and goofy (and sometimes annoying and goofy, especially when he gets into the potty word stuff...uh!) when he's comfortable, so we see that side a lot, but it doesn't come out at school. His teachers always ensure me that he is social in class (which I actually do observe on the days I work there!), but I honestly think he's more of a follower than a leader and has a harder time finding good friends (as opposed to kids he just thinks are funny because they get in trouble)! Colton is small in size and has a speech articulation disorder, so the worrying mom side of me fears that kids will start to pick on him...but so far, so good and I definitely need to learn to relax on that one! As I mentioned, Colton's favorite things are his iPad and Wii, but we limit his screen time so when he's not on one of his devices, he loves playing Ninja Warrior (he was really into the show this summer and now runs himself through "obstacles"), swinging on the playset, or taking care of his stuffed animals (which he has named his "kids"). Colotn often seems kind of clumsy, but we have recently realized he may have a bit of an athletic streak! He loves riding his bike, has become a pretty strong swimmer, and recently started soccer...which much to our surprise, he's actually really good at! Colton is a sweet, sweet boy. At five and a half, he still loves to cuddle, and kiss, and always tell me (and Josh, and Levi, and Chipper) he loves me. 
And then there's this guy...the life of the party! As Levi's teachers told me last year, " all the girls love him, and all the boys want to be him!" I think that may be a bit strong (they were only 2 after all), but Levi always makes friends easily and people (adults and children alike) seem to flock to him. He is a busy, busy boy never sitting still for a moment and constantly telling a story, asking a question, or generally making conversation. Levi is super athletic and really has a natural draw to all things sports. If he sees a sport (on tv or in person), the boy literally stops and fixates on it... and then wants to try it, so some of his most prized possessions are his golf clubs (including the balls and tees), lacrosse sticks, basketball, soccer ball, hockey sticks, and baseball bat. Thus far, he's only old enough to actually play soccer, and just as we figured, he's really good. I am really eager to see where his talent takes him one day because I have a feeling we will be on some sort of field with this one for the next several years! Academically, I often have to remind myself that Levi is actually smart and doing well. In comparison to his brother, he is definitely behind where Colton was at this age but that's a pretty lofty standard and Levi just doesn't have the same interest in showing his knowledge that Colton did! Truthfully, Levi probably has the same articulation disorder as Colton does, but when he was tested last year his errors were still developmentally appropriate, so we're going to wait until he turns 4 and try it again! Levi doesn't really have the time to sit and cuddle like his older brother, but he still gives the best hugs and kisses when he wants to. Levi is a really needy child (literally, he always needs something), but he's also a lot of fun! He constantly makes us laugh and always keeps us entertained with his expressions, comments, and activities.

Even though my boys seem to have opposite personalities, one of my favorite things about them is that they are truly best friends. These two flock together through thick and thin. They play well together at home, but when we are out with others, they stick together like glue. My friends always comment how lucky I am that they are so close. I just hope they always maintain that bond!

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