September 30, 2015

A Grown Up Boys Bathroom

While I was on my self-imposed blogging hiatus, my DIY bug didn't get shelved but so much. I certainly didn't keep up the pace I had for the past few years, but I still managed to accomplish quite a few minor projects and even tackle a couple whole room re-dos. Hopefully, over time, I will get a chance to share them all, but for today we're going to start with the boys' bathroom.
This bathroom was one of the first rooms I worked on when we moved into this house 5+ years ago. I feel like I never had a direction for it. Even though Colton was just a newborn at the time, I knew I didn't want it to be but so childish because it's probably our most used "guest" bathroom as well. So I found a paint color I liked (or at least thought I liked), a shower curtain to go with it, and DIYed a bunch of stuff from there. And it worked...for awhile at least. And then one day, I looked at a picture of it, and hated it! There's DIY that looks good, and there's DIY that looks DIY...that bathroom looked DIYx1000!
From that day forward, I couldn't get over my disdain for that bathroom and set out on a plan to make it over into a classier, more polished space. Here's how it turned out:

It's actually a really large space with lots of weird angles so it's hard to get a complete picture, but hopefully you get the idea! 
The only holdover from the old bathroom is the DIY sunburst mirror I had made a few years back; everything else got a refresh. The shower curtain and bath mat (although it's not pictured) are from West Elm. The towels and timer by the sink are from Pottery Barn Kids. The baskets by the sink are from Hobby Lobby and hold the boys' toothbrushes, toothpaste, washcloth, etc. And the hamper is from Wal-Mart (a much more affordable option than a pretty much identical one I liked from Crate and Barrel!). The rest of the elements...the artwork, the towel hooks, the redone shelves and the ottoman (which we use as a seat when giving the boys a bath) are all DIY. 
It's been almost a year...or maybe even over a year...since I completed the bathroom redo, and I'm still really pleased with the room!
After all, this is what I was starting with:

 Big improvement, right?!?

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