April 14, 2014

Green Thumb

Tulips are my favorite flower.  Every Spring, I have hunted around town for a tulips to add to our front porch planters.  And every Spring, I get frustrated because I can never find what I am after: just a simple cluster of tulips!
Well, way back in the Fall, I saw an idea on Pinterest to plant my own tulip bulbs then, put them in shed  for the 6 months or so, and wait for Spring!  So I went out and bought some pots and bulbs, planted them, and waited.  I typically have a pretty black thumb, so I didn't really have huge hopes for this project.  Especially because part of the instructions said to water them occasionally over the fall/winter, and I completely forgot to do that (luckily, at least in this case, our shed does leak a little, so they did get a bit of water). 
But, lo and behold, my heart is aflutter because look what we have now!

Amazing...at least to me! This is probably the first, and possibly the last, time I managed to produce positive results in the gardening department, so I figure I should really savor it!

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