March 26, 2014


I'm coming out of my semi-hiatus for a very special occasion today. Today, my sweet, sweet Colton turns four. He really is an amazing little boy, a parent's dream!  I won't go into adjective after adjective (because let's face it...I've done it a million times before), but really I am so proud to be his mom and constantly amazed at how much my heart swells for his adorable face, contagious laugh, and loving personality!

Like I did last year, I decided the best way to commemorate his big day was to conduct a little interview and document his favorites at four years old.  It took a little prodding to get him to get started, but once he did, he was ready and eager to answer all my questions.  I pretty much knew all his answers, although he did manage to surprise me with a few!

Favorite color: blue
Favorite tv show: Disney Junior
Favorite food: bagels (random, but he does request one every day for lunch, so maybe it is!)
Favorite snack: dog bones (such a jokester) and strawberry muffins (our newest discovery)
Favorite treat: goody bag (we still have Valentine's Day candy left over, so at night if allowed to pick dessert, the boys often go for their goody bags!)
Favorite book: any of my Superhero books
Favorite Song: "Big Rock Candy Mountain"
Favorite sport: soccer (never mind the fact that he came home from tears from it on Friday, he loved it on Monday so I guess now it's his fave!)
Favorite thing to do at school: go outside
Favorite thing to do at home: play iPad
Favorite place to go: trampoline park
If you could go somewhere on an airplane, where would it be? Disney World
Best friends: Dee-dee (his lovey), Spencer and Eli
What do you want to be when you grow up? Daddy

We love you to the moon and beyond Colty!

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