March 5, 2014

Erupting Snow

There's a familiar punchline around here that if you don't like the weather to wait 24 hours!  Case in point: it was in the mid-70s, sunny, and beautiful Sunday...on Monday, temperatures plummeted to the 20's, we got ice (which you can see accumulating in the picture below), and snow on top of that.  For the record, I liked the Sunday weather waaaayyy better!
The bad weather didn't really start rolling in until lunch-time, but schools were closed all day in anticipation (lucky me).  So I had yet another day stuck inside with the boys...although, at least, this time we were able to get out to the gym and grocery store before hunkering down!
Before we knew we would see way too much real snow this winter, we made some indoor snow.  It wasn't really a big hit with the boys as they couldn't get it to stick together enough to make snowmen or snowballs.  But I saw another recipe that involved baking soda instead of cornstarch (mixed with shaving cream in about a 1:1 ratio).  Because this one was made with baking soda, we could pour some vinegar on our creations and get some pretty cool eruptions!
Truthfully, the kids really didn't care any more about the indoor snow than they did the last time I tried it out with them.  But they did totally dig the bubbles and fizzes!
Levi was a bit tentative at first...

but then decided it was pretty cool!

We were running  low on vinegar, so our fun only lasted a few minutes, but it did keep them entertained temporarily.  Now fingers crossed that they actually have school today...on time and everything!  Hurry up Spring...we are totally ready for you!

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