March 6, 2014

Art Party

So I never shared with you all my big news from a few weeks back: I have a Groupon!  Well, not me, exactly, but my party planning business (Dream Bashes) went live on Groupon.  It's kind of an experiment for me. I have run this "business" for a couple years now, but honestly, it's always been more of a hobby: I've done about a party a month, usually for a good friend or family member, and have made very little money doing it! As we move forward in life, it is hard to believe that my free time will be increasing soon and I feel like it's time to figure out whether this business is a business or a hobby.  Enter Groupon and the chance to do a bunch of parties for people I don't know...and see if I actually enjoy it!
First up, then, was this art party I did for a 6-year old girl.  Already I have found that one of my biggest challenges in doing parties for other people is that they don't make the same choices I would (for decorations, food, etc) and thus the party doesn't come out exactly how I would have wanted, but overall I think it was pretty enough!

As for activities, the birthday girl chose to do some canvas painting, sand art, and crayon making. Keeping 20 boys and girls on task on a beautiful day (it happened to be 75 degrees that day so the party was relocated outside!) proved to be a bit more exhausting than I thought, but you live and learn!

Overall it was good party for the whole experience factor with some high points and some low points! At least the birthday girl seemed to enjoy herself, which is really all that matters, right?!?

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