February 24, 2014

Bday Wish List

My birthday is less than a month away! If you're a regular around here, you may remember that I love my birthday! It's the one day (or in my case, series of of a few days...I like to stretch the celebration out!) that people go out of their way to do special things just for you!  I love it all: the phone calls, the unexpected Facebook posts, the special meals, and, of course, the gifts!
Over the holidays, I posted my wish list and explained that I really didn't want or need anything that badly! Well, I'm pretty spoiled and got just about everything off that list. So now, I can say even more sincerely that there is very little I need or want for my birthday! But people always ask, so I am happy to oblige...
1. After a few years with my beloved Sony Hybrid, I think I am ready to take the plunge to an official DSLR. I haven't done much research, but think the Nikon D3200 is a good introductory camera. I'm open to suggestions if anyone has them!
2. Clothes, clothes, clothes. With my birthday falling right before the official start of spring (and usually the weather cooperates!). one of my favorite things to get for my birthday has always been spring clothes! 
Like this super cute dress from Apricot Lane (although I'm a little worried if I can pull off those cut outs)

Or a pair (or 2) of shorts from Loft
Or this cute tee from Anthropologie (speaking of, I could probably buy the whole store)
Of course, gift cards are always appreciated as well!

So that's it. Nice and simple this year, but hopefully filled with lots of good times with friends, family, and my boys!

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