February 12, 2014

A Day that Will Live in Infamy

A few weeks back, the boys and I made a quick pit stop at Food Lion.  That's not our regular grocery store (we're Harris Teeter loyalists around here), but Food Lion happens to be the only store that carries my ice cream.  I usually swing by there with Colton after I've picked him up from school (and before I get Levi) and he has gotten into the habit of picking out a box of fruit snacks when we do.  In fact, he thinks Food Lion is the only store that sells fruit snacks!
Anyway, on this particular day, I happened to have both boys with me as we made our quick Food Lion stop.  Of course, Colton was thrilled because that meant he got to get fruit snacks.  And because Colton was thrilled, Levi was too...and wanted to pick out his own special box of fruit snacks.
But when we got to the store, Levi insisted on bringing his dee-dee into the store with him.  He actually never does this, and in an attempt to thwart it, I told him that if he brought his dee dee in, he would not get fruit snacks.  Well, he chose to bring the dee dee.  And much to my amazement, he was perfectly content with that choice...even when Colton picked out his box of fruit snacks.
Seems like a pretty mundane day, right?  Well, apparently not to my boys!!!  I now hear this at least once a day:
Colton: V (his...and our...nickname for Levi) brought his dee dee into Food Lion.
Levi: Dee dee in food Lion.
Colton: He didn't get fruit snacks.
Levi: No fruit snacks for me.

Sometimes they're spurned by driving by a Food Lion, and sometimes they just come out of nowhere.  But either way, it's clearly a day that really left an impression on my children...and I have no idea why!

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