January 8, 2014


Believe it or not in all this time I have been so busy detailing every second of our holiday season, we actually had some non-holiday stuff going on!  I know, crazy, right?!?
Most excitingly, I managed to win my league's Fantasty Football Super Bowl!  I was most excited because my brother and Josh, both of whom consider themselves "experts," are in the league!  But as an added bonus, I got to take home a $400 prize!  Not too shabby, eh?!?  I decided it was high time to change out our living room lamps with my winnings.  So here's what we're working with now:

I'm actually really happy with the lamps.  The lamps are fillable, and as Josh commented when he noticed that "opens up a whole new world!"  I'm sure I'll get around to filling them seasonally, but for now I'm really enjoying the clear glass.  In case you're wondering, the  lamps are from Target (of course, right?!?) and were only $29.99 each (plus the shades).
More recently...as in just a couple of days ago...we also managed another big score:

My parents are moving and didn't want these from their new house because they were used.  Right, but they are also almost brand new, top-of-the-line, etc, so Josh and I immediately said we'd take them!  It turns out the timing couldn't have been more perfect considering something went wonky with the spin cycle function on ours just about a week before we took possession!  I'm sure it would have been a simple repair, but why deal when you can just inherit something better?!?
Our final recent update is far less exciting than the above two, but...

Yep, a new kitchen rug.  I had actually spotted that at Target awhile back, but when I went to buy it, it was sold out...and remained so for months!  When I spotted it there again recently, I immediately scooped it up!  Now that it's home, I'm not sure I love the color in there, but there's no doubt it's a huge upgrade from the old, ratty one we had had since we had moved in almost four years ago!
So there we have it...we're barely a week into 2014, and our house is already looking much better than it did in 2013!  Go us, right?!?

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