January 9, 2014

Holy Hell It's Cold Outside

There's no nice way to phrase it.  It's freaking freezing out there, colder than I can ever remember it being in Virginia Beach...and that's not just due to some memory lapse on my part; the weather folks have repeatedly reported that it was colder here this week than any other time in my lifetime!!!  Um, yeah, that's cold.
And we've already established that I hate, loathe, detest (pick a synonym) the cold.
So what's a girl to do when it's bitterly cold outside?  Well, craft of course.  And decorate.  And what could be more appropriate than to decorate for winter.
So first I gave our mantle its little seasonal transformation.  I had everything on hand and have used them all in past winter mantles.  To me, winter is minimal.  And I feel like the mantle kind of goes along with that.  Not a whole lot of flare, but a few little touches.

I did put a bit more effort into a wreath, though...mainly because when I pulled out our old one it was a bit beaten up.  To create a new one, I just made a whole bunch of white yarn poms and then used pins to secure them into a wreath shape I happened to have on hand.

It was a pretty basic process, but all told I needed about 50 poms to get the full wreath that I wanted (I didn't bother with the back side since it would just be laying against the door anyway).  Considering it was too cold to do just about anything else, though, I didn't mind!  And in the end, I was really happy with the result!

I told you I think of winter as minimal, so speaking of minimal that's about as far as my winter decorating got!  I really didn't have any other inspiration, so other areas of the abode that may sometimes get some seasonal touches (ie: the kitchen, the dining room, our entry console) just went untouched.  Oh well.
Maybe I'll feel more inspired when the temperatures climb back to the 60s this weekend...welcome to winter in Virginia Beach!

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