January 22, 2014

Rainbow First Birthday Party

So it turns out I'm way behind in filling you in on this party I did way back before the holidays!  If you didn't gather it from the post title, it was a first birthday for an adorable little girl.  Her mom wanted to keep things pretty simple (not exactly my favorite words, but we went with it) and just put in a few touches to give her little girl a pretty party to remember.  Of course, I was more than happy to oblige!
Mom chose a rainbow color scheme, but decided to switch it up a bit and do a more girly/modern rainbow.  Her main request that we give the high chair a good back drop, so it would be pretty when baby girl dug into her cake.  Here's what I came up with:
Throughout the rest of the downstairs, I just gave a few more colorful touches both in the form of tissue poms, painted mason jars, and balloons.

We also used the rainbow theme to create a fun monthly picture display of the birthday girl.

And to round off my contributions, I also created this fun chalkboard sign to commemorate all the highlights of her first year.
So there we have it...some very simple rainbow details that certainly made the party a bit brighter and happier!  

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