January 23, 2014

Indoor Snow

I've mentioned it before, but winter time is tough around here, especially when it comes to keeping the kiddos entertained.  It's too cold to really spend much time outside, but the indoor activities are usually pretty costly.  Considering we are trying really hard to stick to a budget this year, I am also trying my best to find some free forms of entertainment for these two wild boys.
Enter experiment number one: indoor snow!  Considering it is iffy, or even unlikely, that we will see the real white stuff this year (or at least so I thought until we woke up to 3 inches this morning...more on that to come!), this seemed like a good project for us!  I had read that the "snow" was just two boxes of cornstarch and one can of shaving cream, so I mixed it all up and lo and behold, we had snow!

The boys, especially Levi, really enjoyed playing with it and even got the chance to build snowmen.  

Honestly though our snow was much messier than I had anticipated!  I think we may have had too much cornstarch and not enough shaving cream (despite using a whole can) because our snow was really powdery and had a hard time staying formed!  So next time, I would probably only use one box of cornstarch (it made way too much as it was anyway) and then add shaving cream until it was the right consistency.

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