January 24, 2014


Like most two-year-olds, Levi's language has really taken off recently.  It is such an amazing time to watch him suddenly utter words that he has been hearing for the last several months.  And his little voice is just so cute...most of the time...except when he's asking me the same question for the bajillionth time in the last minute.
One thing I hear on a pretty constant basis these days is "mommy, where's Colton?" Sometimes the Colton is recplaced with Colty or brother, but regardless, Levi needs to keep constant tabs on his big brother!

And what may be even cuter is hearing the conversations these two have.  They make up their own games, somehow understand each other, and keep each other company.  They really have become the best friends I hoped they would, and while I know they will have their rough days, I am so in love with the bond they are forming.

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