January 6, 2014

Beating the Winter Blues

With the holidays officially over and the kids back at school (PHEW on that last part!), I guess it's finally time to face the music that winter has arrived.  And in case I had forgotten just how much I disdain this time of year, our bitter cold temperatures over the last couple of days sure have reminded me.
If you're a regular around here, you know I usually sing the praises of each and every season.  But I just can't do the same for winter.  Here in Virginia Beach, we obviously don't get as cold as some of the rest of you, but we also don't necessarily get to reap the main advantage of winter either: snow!  Whether we see the white stuff each year is hit or miss, so including snow day fun in our winter to do list isn't realistic.
Instead I tried to come up with some other activities that might make this season more bearable...and go by quicker!
As much as I hate winter, I must admit there's a few things on there that I'm actually really excited about, so at least there will be a few bright spots on those unbearable cold, dreary days!  
What about you guys?  What's on your winter itinerary to keep your mind off the plunging temperatures?!?

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