December 3, 2013

A Quick Hanukkah Mantle

In years past, I have just done one "holiday" mantle.  But truth be told, the holiday mantle is a Christmas mantle with a lone menorah somewhere scattered on it!  With Hanukkah so early this year, though, I decided we should let the eight days of Hanukkah have their very own special Hanukkah mantle.

Honestly, the whole thing was pretty easy to accomplish considering I mainly used our leftover Thanksgiving decorations + said menorah.  But I did create a simple yarn pom pom garland to add a little bit more Hanukkah pizazz to whole thing.

If you're curious how to make the pom garland, it's actually amazingly easy.  Just wrap yarn around your first three fingers about 75-100 times and cut the yarn.  At the same time, cut an additional 4-6 inch strand of yarn.  Slip the yarn off from around your fingers carefully so as to keep the shape in place roughly.  Line the strand up around the center of your yarn formation and tie it tightly all the way around.  Now just snip all the loops and fluff!  Voila!  I couldn't find a needle to string the poms on to another piece of yarn, so I just unfolded a paper clip and it did the trick.

I also added a couple other touches throughout the house like this "menorah" on the dining room table (all candles were already owned).

And our Hanukkah tree by the front door that I created by hanging dreidels from the same branches that  were once our Thankful tree.

I'll be honest in saying the decor isn't my favorite ever or anything, but I think it plays nice homage to the Festival of Lights.  And considering it will only be up for about a week, I think the proper amount of money and effort were exerted on it!

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