September 5, 2013

Guest Bath Redo

When I make my mind up on something, I'm pretty much unstoppable.  Ask Josh (he loves it...sarcasm).  Well, a couple weeks ago I made up mind that our guest bathroom was in need of a makeover.  And guess what?!?  Said makeover is now complete.  Step one was painting the walls navy blue (Benjamin Moore Midnight Navy) and step 2 was accessorizing.  I had planned to do the bathroom with yellow accents, but when I spotted this Nate Berkus shower curtain at Target (for $25!), I totally changed direction.

I went with the towels that matched (and added a much-needed towel hook by the sink).  I also picked up a fun white soap pump from Target and a navy blue trash can (from Bed Bath and Beyond) and bath mat (from Target...the Threshold one, not the awful Restyle one!).

But I had the most fun with the "art."  I had these frames and shells on hand from a display we used to have hanging over our bar in the living room.  I always liked the idea, but it didn't really fit the space we used to have it in (now inhabited by my DIY chevron art).  When I took it down, I knew I would reuse it somewhere eventually.  So after a few coats of spray paint to the frames, here it is now.

I also created this little print in Photoshop, printed it out, and put it in a frame.  As pathetic as it is, it may just be my favorite part of the whole room!

And I also used  one of those porcelain pens to jazz up a plain white bowl a bit.

After putting some soaps in a cute jug, I really like the look of the shelves.

Originally I had planned to frame out the mirror, but once I was done with the makeover, it doesn't seem as necessary.  I'll probably get around to it one day, but for now, we're going to consider this room dones-o!
 $100 and a couple weeks of intermittent work/shopping and we went from this...

To this...


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