August 12, 2013

While You Were at Camp...

So four weeks ago the boys went off to camp.  For four weeks, they spent three glorious mornings a week there.  Doing some quick math, I got about 48 hours of  total alone time, a luxury I have not even had one hour of in the over three years since Colton was born!!!  Um, yeah, I love my boys, but it was pretty awesome!  So what did I do?
Well, I shopped a bit, laid by the pool and read, got my hair done, and even got a pedicure.
But come on know me better than that.  While I certainly made sure to take a little bit of time to spoil myself, I also got a few things done around here.
I pressure washed the house (um, new addiction by the way).  I didn't take before and after photos like I should have but check out the difference it made on these pavers (some washed, some not) and then imagine that all over our house, deck, and driveway.

I recovered another spare ottoman and turned it into a bathroom stool to use in the kids' bathroom when we give them baths.

I painted a bookshelf (and bought some cute baskets for them!).

I organized our coat spaces .

And I totally reorganized our playroom/laundry closet area by moving my craft and party supplies into the laundry closet.

And moving the desk into the closet.

Which freed up some room in the playroom for the boys' clubhouse,slide, and drum set especially after I took a load of old toys to Goodwill.

And to hopefully keep things nice and organized moving forward, I even took the time to label the boxes (both with pictures and words so the boys can help!).

I still would like to get rid of the massive tv in the playroom, add in a bit more storage, and pretty up the desk area, so luckily the kids will be in school in a few more weeks, leaving me more time to get on these kinds of things!
Overall, though, I would definitely say summer camp 2013 was a success.  So, hubby, did you read this?!?  See how productive your wife is?!?  Consider this my pat on my back!

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