August 16, 2013

This is Me: Personality

Trekking on, trekking on, trekking we go with another chapter of my self-imposed "This is Me" challenge!  By the way, for those of you as sick of this as I am, there are only 2 more after this, so hang in there!!!
So, personality is the topic, and here are the questions/answers
What kind of personality do you have (shy, outgoing, stressed, calm, etc)?
I straddle a line between shy and outgoing.  I'll pretty much talk to anyone and am generally uber friendly.  But then, I tend to give a cold shoulder to people I don't like and/or if I don't think they like me!  I very much feel strongly that I only need people in my life who love and respect me and vice versa, and I'm pretty careful to only let those people in...for better or worse!
Most people consider me a very care-free person, and I would probably agree with that.  I do tend to carry some pretty admittedly stupid anxieties which I wish I could just fix!  And I tend to create more stress for myself by constantly creating insane to-do lists and holding myself to pretty high standards, although it rarely really stresses myself out so I don't know.
I feel like I am a very giving person and would do just about anything to make anyone happy.
On the negative side, I tend to think I'm always right (!) and have a hard time accepting alternative plans, ideas, or least I can acknowledge it, right?!?
How has your personality changed over the years?  What made it change?
I've definitely become more outgoing over the years.  As a child I was painfully shy and even through college, I was much more tentative when talking to people I didn't know and would tend to cling to people I did!  Honestly, it may be corny, but I think that changed when I met Josh...and was happier and more comfortable in my own skin...and finally confident enough.
On the negative side, I've become much more anxious as I have grown older (although, thankfully, I am much less than I was a couple years ago).  Honestly, I don't know what the cause is: birth control pills? having kids and more to lose? too much coffee?  I try to figure it out all the time because I truly HATE it!
How well do you associate with others?
Well, I feel like I've already touched on this, but I think I do pretty well with others.  Again, if you've crossed me, I pretty much write you out which probably isn't the best way to be, but...
I'm very loyal to my friends and tend to make friends fairly easily.
What makes you nervous/scared/angry/happy/surprised?
Well I've mentioned that I am generally a tad anxious, but the source is so stupid I'm almost embarrassed to type it.  Basically, I'm constantly nervous that I'm going to pass out!  I've only passed out once in my life...over 15 years ago...and it really wasn't even that traumatic of an experience.  But a few years ago, I started to constantly worry that it would happen again.  One would think I would at least feel like I was going to pass out to start the worry, but fortunately or not, that's not the case.  I even went to the doctor a couple of years ago just to confirm it wasn't anything physical, and it's not! It's  more like when I'm in certain situations (it's hot, I haven't eaten for awhile, I'm standing in front of a group of people, etc) that I start to worry I might and then if you start to worry hard enough, it almost feels like you might and I literally have to talk myself down at times and tell myself just how stupid I am being.  It was really bad right before I got pregnant with Levi (hence how I got pregnant with Levi: I stopped taking my birth control thinking they may have been the culprit and voila), and luckily it hasn't been that bad again since, but it's still there worse at some times than others.  I don't take any medication for it or anything (although I probably could/should), but mainly it's just a really annoying bad habit.
As for being scared, the only thing that really scares me is the idea of losing someone close to me...or myself!  I tend to get pretty worked up about going to the doctor...or anyone I love going to the doctor...because I'm terrified that something suddenly will be wrong with that person.
What makes me happy?  My husband.  My boys.  Chipper's kisses and cuddles (not his awful barking/chewing habits).  My family.  Good food.  Good drinks.  The beach and/or pool.  Holidays and special occasions.  Football.  Target.  New clothes.  To-do lists.
I really don't get angry often.  I get annoyed with people/things frequently, but rarely get truly mad.  If I do, it's probably because someone doesn't do what they say they are going to do

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