August 19, 2013

Navy, Yellow, White Bathroom Redo

We've lived here for 3 1/2 years.  And in that time each and every room of this house has been painted...some more than once.  Well, all rooms except for the guest bathroom.  When we moved in, I liked the blue color that it was and decorated accordingly.

But now, I'm ready to switch it up some.  I've done some Pinterest research and tend to be drawn to dark walls, especially considering the wainscoting we have in there.  Like this:
But I'm a little nervous to go so bold when the rest of our house is decidedly tamer!  Colton's room is across the hall, though, and has lots of navy in it, so I'm hoping it will work!  Just in case, though, I'm thinking I stick with mainly yellow and white accessories.  This way if I absolutely hate the navy wall color, it is an easy switch!  Some possibilities:
via West Elm: trying to stay away from navy, so can't decide between yellow or white...hmm?

Really love this option instead from Urban Outfitters, but then we're committed to navy...
I think this is the shower curtain winner...from Urban Outfitters

although I like this one too from PB Teen (but I'm thinking too much navy!)

or this choice from JC Penney...bonus points because it reverses to aqua which would be the new wall color if navy doesn't work!

can't resist this fun toothbrush holder from Urban Outfitters

And for budget/practicality sake, I'll probably keep our medicine cabinet, but I would like to frame it out somehow to something like this

So that's the basic plan!  What do you guys think?  Any preferences?  

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