August 27, 2013

Sunday Funday VB Style

Most of my high school friends no longer live in Virginia Beach.  They never returned after college, opting for bigger cities that offer a bit more excitement I suppose.  We are here for life (with the business we really don't have a choice).   Although I sometimes lament that fact (especially in light of the fact that we not have a Crate and Barrel!!!), there are many more times that I am thrilled to still be here and be raising my children in this city that I am proud to call home.  
I love Virginia Beach year-round, but there is no doubt the city particularly comes alive in the summer.  As tourists flock in, I am constantly struck by the fact that we are so lucky to live in a city that so many people come to for their vacation.  Virginia Beach is a beach town through and through.  I grew up loving the beach and all things beach, and now I can already see my boys inheriting those passions.
This past weekend, Virginia Beach played host to the annual ECSC (East Coast Surfing Championships).  I can remember going as a kid, I can remember Josh and I going when we first started dating, and now I can remember taking our kids down to check it out!  They both were pretty fascinated by all the skimboarding, surfing, skating, etc. that we saw and loved riding around in their wagon to take it all in.

Being the active boys that they are, they were a bit more attracted to the park though!  Grommet Park was built a few years ago right on the sand.  Truthfully, they could care less where a park is.  If it's a park, they're in heaven, but every time we take the kids I am struck by how cool it is to be able to play...on the beach!  

After playing for awhile, we cruised the Boardwalk for awhile and then stopped for lunch and Orange Crushes (virgin for the boys...not so virgin for Josh and I) at Waterman's.  

It was one of those Sundays that left me happy...and thankful.  
PS: I also was left feeling crazy old!  I coached a swim team when I was home for summers during college.  One of the girls I coached was now at ECSC signing autographs as a surfer-turned-O'Neill model.  She's 20 now.  She was 10 at the most when I left there.  UH!!!!

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