August 29, 2013

School History Boxes

Colton and Levi are both set to start school next week...Levi for the first time, and Colton for the first time at his new school!  Undoubtedly, it will be a big day for both of them (with probably a few tears from this lady along the way!).
Before Colton began his first official year of preschool last year, I came up with a binder system to store all of the art work he would be bringing home.  Well, that system pretty much stunk!  For one, the art work was oftentimes too big for the binder-size page protectors, so I would have to fold it, smush it, etc. to get it in.  Plus, as awful as it sounds to say, a lot of Colton's 2-year old projects were kind of repetitive.  There were a few special things he brought home throughout the year (with hand prints, or his picture, or things he was just really proud of), but it made me feel almost hoarder-esque to save absolutely every single thing that he had made.  The binder was a disaster (evidence below):

So I've come up with a ***hopefully*** better system this year.  I have started a file box for each boy.

Inside I plan to have a hanging folder for each year where I can store ***special*** art work.  I've already gotten started with both boys' earliest years!

 Plus, with my new system, I can also use the folders to store their school pictures from each year, report cards, programs from school performances, and anything else that seems appropriate!  And further more, I reason this system will continue to be useful for storing note-worthy school stuff all the way through high school...or at least I hope it will!
If I really want to get carried away with my thoughts, how cool would it be to be able to give each boy his box at graduation with all the special stuff from preschool right on up?!?  But that has me thinking of my babies as teenagers...and I don't want to go there quite let's stick with how handy these boxes are going to be for preschool!

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