August 14, 2013

If I Were a Rich Girl...

When it comes to money and spending, I can hardly be described as thrifty.  Josh works very hard, and we are very fortunate.  But are we Kardashian rich?  Obviously not!!!!  My sister and I recently had an interesting debate.  We were discussing the Kardashian sisters (and people like them) who clearly have ridiculous amounts of money.
 I made the argument that even if I had limitless funds, I felt like my life wouldn't change much from what I do now, while my sister argued that I would inevitably change.
As is typical for me, I continued to dwell on this conversation over the next several days and can now decisively say: If I were rich....

I would still shop at Target, Old Navy, and other budget-friendly stores, especially when looking for things to wear to chase around my toddler/preschooler all day!
I would splurge a little more on higher-end purchases for nights out...and would maybe even be tempted to get something new every time I went out  (I already end up tempted to do that, but at least now, I get my something new each time at Target or something a little more justifiable).
I would not seek out certain designers/labels.  By splurge, I'm thinking boutiques, not Chanel!
I would not buy expensive art/decorations for our house.  I am way too finicky to make a long-term commitment to an expensive piece.
I would  DIY a lot of our home decor still.  Oftentimes, I end up DIYing because I can't find anything I like to buy, so I'm guessing that problem would persist.
I would buy my furniture from a place like Crate and Barrel...not Value City Furniture as our current furniture hails from!
I would travel more, especially because I would sit in first-class to do so (bye bye feelings of claustrophobia).
I would not "pamper" myself more.  Honestly, as much as I would like to enjoy it, I find it a pain in the arse to schedule in a pedicure, hair session, etc.
I would entertain at least once a month...can you imagine all the theme party possibilities?!?
I would still cook all of our meals.  I enjoy it!
I would hire a maid...full keep up with the disaster area my children tend to create!
I would have had a night nurse back when my kids weren't sleeping through the night.
I would not hire a nanny.  Despite the stress, I love my time with my kiddos!
I would most definitely hire a driver to shuttle me and the boys around.  At the end of a long day playing, the last thing I want to do most days is schlep 30 minutes, or even 5, home.

I'm sure there's more that I would do/not do, but that's about all I've thought of now.  It's kind of an interesting hypothetical if you think about it...
 So think about it and share!  What would you do differently if you had money coming out the wazoo?!?  And what would you keep the same?!?

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  1. Be able to buy a house in the DC area (since it's so damn expensive here), and travel a ton. Maybe upgrade my car, but probably not right away. And maybe work part time :)


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