March 26, 2013

Colton Speaks

Three years ago today, a very special little boy was born.  Not only did he make Josh and I first time parents, but he also made our parents first time grandparents, our sisters and brothers first time aunts and uncles, and countless friends honorary aunts and uncles.  Colton has amazed and delighted all of us since the day he entered this world and continues to do so to this day.  I have often said there may be other children that are as loved as he is, but I don't think you could find one who is more loved!
 I know every parent thinks their child is fantastic, but Colton really does have a wonderfully loving, easy-going, feisty at times personality.  He is all-boy: active (and rough at times), but he gives the sweetest kisses and tells me frequently that he woves me...swoon!
official 3 year old portrait to follow, but here he is getting ready for his next big endeavor:
swim lessons!

Speaking of talking, that is easily Colton's biggest developmental achievement over the past year or so.  Colton was a very late his second birthday, I think he was only saying less than 10 words or so (to put it in perspective, Levi already says about 25 and he's only 14 months!).  We were never really worried because I could tell he was processing everything just fine, and sure enough, once he started talking, boy did he ever take off?!?  Colton is a full-fledged talker.  In fact, he doesn't shut up.  And for the most part, it's just about the cutest thing ever.  I love having conversations with him.
So to commemorate his big day and forever seal it in history, I figured a little birthday survey would be the best way to capture exactly who he is at 3 years old!  For technicality sake, anything in parentheses is my additions.  Enjoy!
Favorite food: hot dogs
Favorite snack: Goldfish
Favorite dessert: ice cream
Favorite book: Elmo book (it's an Elmo search and find)
Favorite song: School Bus song (otherwise known as "The Wheels on the Bus"...he sometimes answers this with "Baa Baa Black Sheep" or "ABCs")
Favorite tv show: Mickey's House
Favorite sport: swimming
Favorite thing to do at school: play
Favorite thing to do when not at school: (no answer, but I'll tell you he loves to play outside, with puzzles, on the iPad, and antagonize his brothers)
Favorite place to go: Bounce House
If you could go somewhere on an airplane, where would you go? Bounce House
Best friends: Macie, Mollie, and Jacob
What do you want to be when you grow up? doctor

So that's my boy in a nutshell.  He really is such a blessing, and I am beyond proud to be his mommy.  Can't wait to see what he has in store for us over the next year!
Happy birthday sweet boy!

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