March 25, 2013

All Aboard!

I swear: these boys have mine are pretty darn lucky!  In their three years (almost) and 14ish months, respectively, they have had more experiences than others probably have in a lifetime.  Case in point: this past weekend, a steam engine was in town.  My brother-in-law, as a railroad employee, was allowed to invite four people to ride with him and his wife/son, so guess who got to ride along!?!  Colton is pretty into trains, which means Levi is too, so this was a pretty exciting day for both of them!

checking out their ride

settling in

my brother-in-law, sister in-law, and nephew
The train ride was about an hour and a half round trip.  The boys were pretty fascinated with it when we first started out.

But about a half hour in, they started to get a little antsy.  Luckily, there was a concession/souvenir car that Josh took them to visit.  They came back with a new hat (and some Cheetos!).

And when that novelty wore off, they resorted to their usual mayhem.  Luckily, the car was fairly empty, so they could practice being choo-choo men and doing some general roaming!

As you may have been able to tell from the pictures, it was a rainy, freezing day (so cold there was even some sleet mixed in).  All along our path, there were tons of people standing outside in that mess just to watch the train go by.  I couldn't believe it!  Let's just say I was much happier to be inside that darn thing.  Seriously, though, it was a pretty neat experience, and definitely a unique way to spend our Sunday.  Josh remembers going on a similar ride when he was younger (his grandfather also worked for the railroad), so hopefully our boys will look back fondly on their own ride!  Lucky boys, I tell you!

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