March 22, 2013

Flashback Friday

As we were cleaning out the shed last week, we came across this little gem:
Back in the days when it was just Josh and I (pre children, pre doggy), I decided I wanted a puppy.  Josh pretended to not be so convinced and told me to come up with good reasons for getting a dog.  I love a challenge, so I took this task very seriously...and came up with these 15 reasons.   Needless to say, we got Chipper a few weeks later. 
I must say, even now, I'm quite impressed with myself!  But the one that really sticks out to me in our present life is #2: puppy (grown dog later) completes family.  My goodness...I could have never predicted just how true that would be.  Chipper can be a pain in the arse (and he has definitely ruined carpets despite #10's claim that it wouldn't happen), but both of our boys have formed a strong and true bond with him.  Both of their first word (outside of mama and dada) was dog.  They both look for Chipper as soon as they get up, and eagerly await...mouths wide open...his kisses.  They love playing with him and crack up at his antics (even as Josh and I threaten him with a life at the pound...kidding).  Chipper is truly a pivotal member of our family, and even though, I could certainly see a more peaceful existence without him, we most definitely wouldn't be the same.  Good thing Josh listed to me...for once!

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