March 7, 2013

A Happy Ending

Last Sunday, Josh and I were getting our boys ready to head to a train show.  Chipper was barking loudly, but since that is pretty much a normal thing around here, we kept on trucking.  Eventually, though, I looked out the window and saw this:
Here, maybe a close up will help you see the issue:
Now you see the mailbox?  And that actually doesn't do it justice because I took that after the fact. What I actually saw was our mailbox laying in the ditch!  And a car with an unattached rear view mirror parked a bit down the road.  
Turns out a girl was texting and driving and plowed right into our mailbox!!!  How lucky was she that she hit our mailbox and didn't end up in the ditch, huh?!?
And as soon as we realized she was ok, I immediately got a bit giddy.  You see, I've wanted to replace our eyesore of a mailbox for the longest time, but knew that would never be something Josh  would agree with (he's of the "if it's not broke, why fix it?" school of thought).  But now, well, it was broken...and someone else was paying for it (yes, she was very honest and after some negotiating, she brought over some cash to pay for the mailbox and a handyman to put it in for us)...we were at Home Depot picking out a new mailbox.

So clean, right!?!  It really is a huge improvement.  And now I can't wait until warmer weather rolls around and I can get out there and conquer some landscaping around it!

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