February 27, 2013


Last week, with less than a month to go until my birthday, I figured it was a good idea to post my birthday wish list for the whole world to see.  And now we are less than a month away from another important birthday in our family.  Colton's third (seriously!?!) birthday is exactly one week after mine!!! Ever since he was born, his birthday has pretty much trumped mine, and I'm certain this year will be no different.
Outside of the couple of family members reading this for insight on what to get Colton, I really posted this to see if you all had any suggestions.  Honestly, the boy (combined with his brother) has so many freaking toys.  He certainly doesn't need anything, but it's his birthday and we're gonna get him something.  But I'd like to minimize the clutter as much as possible and only add things that are really worth it.  Here's what I've come up with...
1.  Balance Bike...I've heard these are so much more effective at ultimately teaching kids to ride a bike than the traditional pedal ones.  Bonus: because there are no pedals (that he likely couldn't reach yet), Colton could actually start using it now!

2.  Car Ramp...Like most boys I assume, our boys have a crap ton of cars.  But they really don't have anything to use them with.  They were both fascinated by something similar to this at a friend's house recently, so I'm thinking it would be a good addition to our (crowded) playroom.
3.  Play Dough Fun Factory: Colton has been really into his play dough recently.  We have some very basic (and very cheap...I think they were in the dollar section at Target back at Christmas) tools he can use with it, but I'm thinking he'd love something a bit grander!
4. Games...maybe not this exact one, although it looks like a good pick.  He already loves playing CandyLand and Don't Break the Ice, so we may as well add to his collection
5.  Shopping Cart: Colton loves to imitate grown up life these days.  I'm thinking he'd also love a play kitchen, but frankly, that's more than we want to spend on his birthday and we need to clear out some space before we make that move, so this will have to do for now.  I like this one because it actually comes with some "food," so we don't have to buy that separate.
I've also thought of passes to places like the zoo and water park, but I don't know if that's really a fair gift for a three year old!  

So mommies (or aunts, friends, whatever) out there...anyone have any other great ideas?  Toys your little ones love playing with that we should have?  

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