June 18, 2012

Da-Da Day

When I look at all the blessings in my life, I would say that 99.9% of them directly trace back to either my dad or Josh (*note: my mother is probably cringing as she reads this (if she reads this) and she definitely has had huge influence too, but this post is about Father's Day, so we'll save her stuff for later!)
Both my Dad and Josh are the ultimate in "provider."  My Dad has and still does everything he can to give us the best opportunities in life.  I have been told several times that I am spoiled, and I have to honestly admit that it is true!  And as nice as the material things are, I am honestly more spoiled by my Dad's unconditional love and support for us.  They say you marry someone like your father, and in a lot of ways, that is true for me.  Josh continues on my dad's tradition of working hard to provide me and the boys with a life that the boys are lucky to live (including having their mommy stay at home with them).  My boys and I are incredibly lucky to have both of these men in our lives.

Josh wanted a low-key Father's Day...and low-key Father's Day is what he got. We hung out in bed all morning, met my family for brunch, and then came back to watch some golf/cookout with Josh's brother, his wife, and our new nephew.   It was his kind of day.
And on a side note.   Most of you have probably seen this floating around Pinterest in some form, but I wanted to share with you a part of Josh's Father's Day gift in case you haven't seen the idea or just in case you want to see a couple more pictures of my children.
Oh, and one last random Father's Day tidbit...the title of this post, Da-Da Day, was Colton's way of wishing Josh and his Papa a happy Father's Day.  He didn't seem to want to include the "happy" part, so he just said "da-da (long pause) day" repeatedly.  They both seemed to understand the message!
Hope you all had a good Father's Day as well.

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