May 31, 2012

My Boys

One of the most amazing things about being privileged enough to have 2 children is that inevitably someone is always up to something cute/funny/new!  (**Someone is also inevitably grumpy/mischievous as well, but let's focus on the positives, right?**)  Instead of slamming you with a series of short posts about their latest and greatest, I figured it made more sense just to one big Colton/Levi update post.  A lot of you tell me you love these updates, so here it is...and for those of you who don't...well, sorry...come back tomorrow!

Levi now eats "solid" food.  And boy, does the boy eat his solid food!  He can't get opposite of our experience with Colton who never really was a good eater (and still isn't to this day).  Because of this, I'm facing all kinds of new challenges like can you overfeed a 4 month old? (seriously if anyone knows the answer to this, help me out...sometimes the 1 tbsp. just doesn't seem to satisfy him!)
he's actually gotten much better and now barely makes a mess,
but this picture from his early eating days was just too cute!
Colton finished his swim lessons and is now a huge fan of showing of his new skills like kicking, bubbles, his arms, and floating on his back (he doesn't actually float yet, but will let you hold him or if it's shallow enough, like in the bathtub, he'll lay down).  He'll perform these anywhere...water, doesn't matter.  Now that he's such a proficient swimmer (sarcasm), he is completely thrilled that our huge backyard pool (sarcasm again) is now open for the summer...he's out there any chance he can get!

and kicks
Colton has been a pretty slow talker, but he's finally starting to really take off with it!  He's pretty much mastered his colors, animal sounds, and a lot of the alphabet!  He's also starting to string together two and three words.  One of my favorites is "no mama" (I know...awesome parenting!).   But seriously, his little voice is just so stinking sweet and it's amazing to see how much he learns 
each day!  Another part of this is that he now stays up in his bed before nap time and bed time just "reading" to himself...we'll watch/hear him on the monitor going through his books and saying the things he sounds something like "horse, duck, dog, cat, baaaa, blue, red," but is way more entertaining than any tv that is on!

Levi has fallen in love with his lovey, just like his big brother did.  I don't know if it's something all kids do, but Colton has always loved putting lovey's tag in his mouth and sucking on it.  And just a few days ago, I went in to get Levi out of his crib only to discover him doing the exact same thing!
Levi has also discovered his feet.  They just may be his favorite new toy...and favorite sucking item!
And finally...and possibly most exciting of all...the boys are really getting to know each other.  Levi is absolutely fascinated with Colton.  Colton has his moments with his little brother when he doesn't want him around, but he's much more open these days to sharing things with him and even gives him a kiss when we drop him off at school.

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