May 30, 2012

Sunburst Redeux

Awhile back, I got on the sunburst mirror bandwagon and decided to DIY my own.  If you don't recall, it looked like this:
When I first finished it, I knew it certainly wasn't my best project, but I figured it would suffice.  I hung it up in the boys' bathroom.  As time went by, though, I started to get really embarrassed by it. See, my deal with DIY projects is that I want them to not necessarily look like something I made, and this mirror clearly screamed home made.  Every time a guest went in there (which they usually do when at our house and needing a potty break), I cringed.
So, it needed to change.  And when I spotted a package of wood shims at Home Depot, I knew that I had a solution.  Check out our new and improved mirror:

I think it's a pretty major upgrade from the last one (win).  And it was way easier to make than the first one too (double win).  AND it only cost me about $5 for 4 packages of wood shims to accomplish (triple win).
Here's the super easy tutorial if you want to make one too.  You'll need

  • mirror with a chunky frame (check out that picture --->for a better idea of what I mean...hopefully)
  • 4 packages wood shims
  • glue gun and glue
  • white spray paint (or color of your choice)
Get your glue gun ready!  
To make the mirror, put a strip of glue on the end of a wood shim and firmly place it on the frame of the mirror.  Repeat with another shim so that the shim is lined up along the edge of the frame and touching the corner of the one next to it.  With those two in place, put a strip of glue on another wood shim and press that one firmly in between the 2 already placed down but up about a half an inch or so.  It should cover most of the gap between the two shims.  Here's a picture to give you a better idea:
Repeat that process until the whole thing is filled in.
Cover up the mirror part (I used wrapping paper and painter's tape) and give the whole thing a couple coats of spray paint.  And now you have a pretty new mirror.  
Here's mine again...this time in it's new home back in the boys' bathroom.  

It needs to scoot down a bit, but honestly, I like it so much that I'm debating moving it to another part of our house, so I'm going to hold off on that for a bit!  So for now, that's the end of the sunburst mirror least it has a happy ending!

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