April 4, 2012

Dog-Gone Good Party: The Fun

Day 3 of doggy party details (you can check out the decor here, and the food here), and I sure hope you aren't totally over hearing about Colton's 2nd birthday shindig quite yet.  Even if you are, I promise this will be it.  But I've saved all the fun for last, so hang in there!
At Colton's first birthday, we didn't bother with activities.  He, nor most of the other kid guests, were really ready for that kind of thing yet, as most of them were right around his age as well.  But as we fast forward a year, those same kids now require something to keep them entertained.  Now, if the weather would cooperate, our outdoor toys would probably be adequate, but the forecast was unreliable at best with rain and a temperature drop in the cards, so I needed a Plan B.
To go along with our dog theme, then, I decided a doggy adoption station would provide the kiddos with some entertainment.  With a bowl full of stuffed dogs (from the Dollar Store), some "adoption certificates" that I designed in Photoshop, and some pens, the entertainment was pretty easy to put together.

But the kids would need something to do with their new friends too.  So, I put out the contents of a Fisher Price medical kit to act as the veterinary station.  I also put out some brushes, hair ties, and ribbon to be used as grooming supplies.  And finally, I made a simple dog house out of an old cardboard box for the kids to play in with or without their new pups.

Since the kids would be adopting puppies to take home with them, I also designed their favors around that idea.  Each kid was given a "puppy kit" bag.  Inside was a tennis ball, some doggy vitamins (fruit snacks), and doggy treats (Scooby Snacks).  

Honestly, if the weather hadn't cooperated I don't know if this would have been enough to entertain them for the 2ish hours of the party.  But because the rain held off a bit, they were able to use our outdoor play stuff for the first half and then seemed to enjoy the dog stuff for the second half, so I'm glad we had put it out!
Plus, the best part of the whole thing was just spending time with our friends and family members (including my grandfather and his girlfriend who made the trip from Ft. Lauderdale for the second year in a row to be at Colton's party!).  I had a blast, and even more importantly, the birthday boy had a blast!  Here's just a few photos from the day:
Levi with Papa and Doris...he had a good time at the party too!

my dad sitting at the kid table for cake

birthday boy is temporarily unhappy because I had him wear his party hat for 2 seconds...
yes, he's hit the "terrible" portion of 2 as well!

....and we're back to having fun

Colton and his buddy Savannah...they have been playing together since he was born...
she is just a month and a half older, but about a foot taller (or close to it!)

Levi already has quite a way with the ladies...hanging out with his buddy Madison
And we finally managed to get our first official family photo as a foursome:
So, there you have it...ALL of the details from our doggy bash!  And we can return to our regularly scheduled programming around here...well, tomorrow we can!  I'm done typing for now:)

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